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Dimensione 74

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A proposal big. Mina offers a collection of generous sizes, in order to surprise with new dimensional relationships and to create unusual combinations of bathroom furnishings.
A formal solution that winks at off-scale creations, without sacrificing the simplicity and passion for minimal design that distinguishes Mina.

DIMENSIONE 74 is an evolution of Stiriana, product line, a complete collection made up of items for washbasin, bidet, shower and bathtub area, characterized by linearity and stylish elegance.

With DIMENSIONE 74, Mina wants to play and surprise, suggesting a new dimensional relationship with space: not enormous sizes out of scale, but a magnification suitable to the interior, while preserving untouched functions and ease of use.

The built-in mixer, the built-in thermostatic for shower area as well as the multi-ways diverter have 74 mm of diameter, the wall spout has a diameter of 40 mm instead: it is possible to customize the length of spout according to the needs.
Clean lines, clear and devoid of any decoration and additional element: only stainless steel, like the whole Mina collection.

MINA: 100% stainless steel. A unique and forward-looking choice for a company totally able to offer excellent design products.


dimensione74 1

Brushed stainless steel single lever wall mixer combined with terracotta sink externally coated
in Cocciopesto technique: from a synergy between Mina and italian artisan wisdom it is born INNESTO project
which matches steel to different surfaces with an antique flavour.


dimensione74 2

Built-in single lever wall mixer in brushed stainless steel.


dimensione74 3

Wall spout combined with exposed single lever mixer, both are in brushed stainless steel.



Brushed stainless steel built-in single lever wall mixer: the size of the wall spout is custom designed.


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