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Mina is always committed not only to design mixers for bathroom, but also to several kitchen solutions. Practicalities and hygiene requirements cannot be ignored in the kitchen.

It is an actual need that kitchen sink has to be multifunctional; that is how Mina’s formal and technological solutions are the result of the project options for a comfortable application.

If you find the pull-out spout or the swivel spout, the material used is always stainless steel. The high-quality choice is to be considered the best eco-friendly decision, especially in the kitchen.

Beyond MUST, set with sunken structure built-in mixer and pull-out spout, Mina introduces two new proposals:
TIDE OVER supersize version of TIDE series, exposed set with mixer pull-out and swivel spout, then THREE composed by the pratical hand shower which allows to reach every sink corner.


Design process of breakdown elements and the subsequent rebuilding in a rational but unusual way.
The extension of the pull-out spout is a discreet detail, it is built-in the wall.
It is a system that amazes with an original idea by opening the possibility for further uses.


Tide Over.
Single lever kitchen mixer where formal beauty and stainless steel essence are recognizable and amplified with the oversize version.
This is Tide Over: swivel spout of 40 mm diameter and pull-out.
A product with a strong personality that cannot be overlooked.


Single lever kitchen mixer with swivel spout and lateral hand shower in order to have a functional solution without sacrifing beauty.
Using the pull-out spout you can manage water jet in absolute freedom. It useful to fill up vases and pots as well as to clean the sink.
With Three water is where you need.



The pull-out spout is an unobtrusive detail, which reveals itself during use



Single lever sink mixer at major size, composed by mixer combined with swivel and pull-out spout.



Elegance and practical usage, this is Three: single lever sink mixer with lateral hand shower.


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